Light Truck Tyres Types

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Light Truck Tires Types

Discoverer A/T3

The Discoverer A/T3 uses an adjusted mix of innovation, aggravating and outline to create a tire that will perform well in about a wide range of landscapes. The tread compound upgrades wet footing and decreases moving resistance, while the forceful tread outline fundamentally enhances rough terrain footing without giving up roadway execution. Constantly!

•Modern, forceful 5-rib off-road outline to give remarkable execution in both on-street and rough terrain driving applications.

•Silica based tread compound gives phenomenal wet footing and taking care of on the thruway, while likewise enhancing cut and chip resistance in more unforgiving rough and rock territory.

•Dual draft tread component dividers help in lessening stone maintenance, stone penetrating and help with cut and chip resistance.

•Lateral groove defenders diminish the shot of stone maintenance and stone boring.

•Broken focus rib enhances delicate surface footing without giving up.

Discoverer A/TW™

The Discoverer A/Tw gives the on-and rough terrain, year-round execution required from an off-road tire. In addition, propelled compound innovation and plan advancements convey uncompromised execution important to accomplish the serious snow rating.


•Micro-gage layered siping advances off-road execution with an accentuation on winter footing.

•Snow groove TM 2.0 gives better mechanical locking of snow into the scores which create higher snow-on-snow footing strengths.

•Twin tie-bars give strength to certain taking care of and diminishes unpredictable wear for more tread life and a calmer ride.

•Asymmetric double draft groove points decrease the tire's propensity to hold stones and shakes, amplifying the life of the tire.

•Chevron self-cleaning grooves give upgraded off-road execution while the more forceful balances enhance snow and free surf.

Discoverer HT3™

The Discoverer HT3 was outlined as a premium light truck business parkway rib tire that gives believed all-season execution. The tread configuration of the HT3 opposes strange treadwear that is regular with business vehicles where steady beginning, halting and turning are the standard.

•Continuous shoulder rib gives better resistance than unpredictable wear for more life and a calmer ride.

•Interlocking tread components give enhanced taking care of.

•Increased horizontal spaces build footing in both wet and snow conditions.

•3D Miniaturized scale Gauge™ siping give an interlocking geometry to increment tread component dependability for enhanced vehicle taking care of and all-season execution.

•Utilizes a silica tread compound for upgraded wet footing

Discoverer S/T MAXX™

The Discoverer S/T MAXX elements Cooper's demonstrated and dependable 3-utilize "Protective layer Tek3®" corpse development consolidated with another, exclusive cut and chip safe tread compound. With that mix alongside its current half and half 4-5 rib tread outline and special tread highlights, the S/T MAXX is bound to be a business level footing tire that will perform in the hardest landscapes while holding noteworthy on-street footing, security and low clamor attributes.


•Armor-Tek3 remains development adds to the sturdiness of the S/T MAXX by adding quality to the sidewall and tread region.

•Blended regular elastic and silica based gives outstanding wet footing and certain taking care of on the expressway, while likewise conveying astounding cut and chip resistance on unpaved, rough and rock landscape.

•Stone ejector ribs release stones and oppose stone penetrating.

•Enhanced brace outline gives extra go dirt road romping footing, scraped spot and cut resistance.

•Alternating 4-5 - rib tread design gives a strong look, while giving upgraded on-and rough terrain execution.

Discoverer STT PRO™

The Discoverer STT Genius is Cooper's most exceptional, compelling tire to date! The Discoverer STT Star gives extraordinary footing and execution in a portion of the harshest landscapes on Earth. The particular tread plan and compound give noteworthy out and about execution without relinquishing rough terrain footing. 3-Employ Protective layer Tek3, silica tread compound, forceful 3-2 focus rib outline, side-biters and the sky is the limit from there, all wrapped up in Cooper's propelled mud landscape tire. Push the Discoverer STT Master as far as possible and you'll "find" what your vehicle is really prepared to do!


•"ARMOR-TEK3®" Remains Insurance gives half more assurance against effect harm than standard 2-handle tires.

•The internal tread ribs rotating 3-2 design gives various huge execution advantages like: lessened street commotion, expanded security and taking care of, predominant delicate surface (trail) and mud footing.

•The "flex groove" gives a smoother ride by hosing the effect produced by irregularities in asphalt, potholes and rock.

•The Discoverer STT Ace components substantial, uncommonly outlined spikes of elastic (side biters) on the shoulder zone of the sidewall, to improve footing and hold.

•The deviated scallops on exchanging drags direct mud into the mud scoops to permit the tire to pull through sloppy territories effortlessly.

Discoverer S/T™

The Discoverer S/T is Cooper's universally handy, footing tire that is a half and half of three outlines – off-road, high-void and business footing. The Discoverer S/T is particularly suitable for powerful, high-torque light trucks where ideal wear and footing are required.


•All-climate tread compound gives amazing execution amid all seasons, on or rough terrain.

•Optimized tread profile circulates contact uniformly over the tread for adjusted wear.

•Beveled treadblock edges battles unpredictable wear and enhances self-cleaning abilities.

•Pinned for studs.

•Large, meaty tread components intended for rough terrain applications while giving long, even wear in thruway applications.

Discoverer M+S™

The Discoverer M+S is Cooper's premium studdable winter SUV/light truck tire intended for drivers searching for amazing footing on snow and ice. The Discoverer M+S line fits an extensive variety of SUVs and light trucks, outside and household.


•"Snow-Groove" plan innovation gives gnawing edges to magnificent snow and ice footing without decreasing tread component solidness.

•"D Squared" sipe innovation improves winter execution while keeping up magnificent wet footing.

•Sawtooth focus circumferential rib and blocky tread components improve strength and even treadwear.

•Optimized tire profile shape equally disseminates contact weight for adjusted treadwear.

• Strategically-set stud pin gaps give improved stud maintenance while conveying ideal footing on ice.